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Legal problems have a way of inhabiting your life, sucking more of your time, talent and energy than they deserve. Lawyers exist to take that burden off your shoulders. Frankly, that is not something the profession accomplishes well for ordinary people. Between the fees, the office hours and the unreturned phone calls, too many lawyers add to your stress level rather than reduce it. Steve Howen strives to be a different type of lawyer for Central Texas.

Steve has arranged his practice with you in mind. Free initial consultations. Reasonable fees. Installment plan payments. Weekend & evening appointments. Unrelenting customer service. All provided by an accomplished lawyer with more than 25 years experience getting results.

One more day with your problem eating at your insides is one day too many. Help is a phone call away at 254.826.6526.




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Areas of Practice

Estate planning

Every family needs an estate plan. Wills, powers of attorney, guardianship decisions and a review of ownership/beneficiary designations allow families to focus on the important stuff during difficult times. Steve's Family Lifeguard Plan puts all of that in place for your family for a $750.00 flat fee. You will sleep better with a Family Lifeguard Plan. 

family law

Family provides our greatest joy and our deepest sorrow. Steve wants to lift up the first and reduce the second. Whether the issue is divorce, separation, custody or adoption, Steve stands ready to put you and your family on the firmest foundation possible. 


Texas probate is nothing to be afraid of, but it requires a lawyer to help you make sure an estate is fully and finally settled. Whether the person had a will or not, Steve can help you get the creditors paid, the assets distributed and the accounts settled. For most estates Steve offers flat fees and an installment plan if necessary.


People and businesses can be unreasonable and selfish. When you are being treated unfairly you need someone in your corner. Steve has 25 years of experience fighting for his clients. Put that experience and fighting spirit on your side.


If someone you love needs help with their everyday life, Texas law offers a variety of options. Supported decision making agreements, powers of attorney or court-ordered guardianships all have their place. A free initial consultation with Steve will help you figure out what is right for your loved one.


We can wish for simpler times, but they are never coming back. Unusual problems creep up on us everyday. More often than not those problems have a legal component. Steve is not an expert in all areas of the law, but he knows people who are. A free initial consultation can put you on the road to solving your problem, no matter how unusual it is.