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The Family Lifeguard Plan is a go-to staple for Central Texas families. Completing a Family Lifeguard Plan gives you the the security of knowing that if something should happen to an adult family member, his or her wishes will be followed with a minimum disruption. That knowledge provides peace of mind, particularly for those confronted with illness.

The Family Lifeguard Plan includes, wills, powers of attorney, medical directives, guardianship decisions and a comprehensive review of your plan for asset distribution, all for a flat fee of $750.00. The process is not as difficult or time consuming as you think, but we need to hear from you to get started.

In some instances, families might need to consider more advanced strategies. We are happy to help with that also. Your first consultation is always free.



Family law is among the most important and delicate practice areas there is. From drafting pre-nuptial agreements to obtaining a fair divorce decree, Steve knows that nothing is more important than family. He keeps that thought at the front of his mind as he fights to get his clients get the results they deserve. 

"Family law" includes adoption, custody, child support and related issues. One thing about family law issues is that the longer they fester, the more difficult they become. If you need an advocate to protect you and your family, Steve wants to help.


When someone dies, his or her assets and debts must be settled. That process is known as "probate." Across the country, probate has earned a reputation for being needlessly expensive, complicated and time-consuming.

For once a lawyer can deliver good news: Texas is not like the rest of the nation. Texas probate is relatively quick and inexpensive. You still need a lawyer by your side, however. 

We offer flat fees for most estates, regardless of whether there was a will or not. Small estates can sometimes be handled "informally." We try to make it easy, because probate should not be ignored. Particularly, problems created by failing to probate the estate of the first spouse to die sometimes do not surface until the second spouse dies. When those problems come up, the delay in addressing them can cost you in money, time and effort. 


For 25 years, Steve has fought for his clients in courtrooms all over Texas. From that experience, Steve knows that justice is available, but only to those who will make it happen. 

When disputes cannot be resolved amicably, we turn to our legal system. By design that system is adversarial. Meaning that you cannot count on the judge, the jury or the other lawyer to protect your interests. Leaving yourself without zealous representation in any court matter is a recipe for disaster.

The fear of a court proceeding and the expense that might come with it sometimes paralyzes us. It does not have to be that way; helping you overcome that fear is why we offer free initial consultations.  Things are never as dark as they seem, come in and let us shine a little light.


It hurts to see a loved one not able to care for himself; it hurts even more to admit it if you are the loved one. Granting a guardianship is one of the toughest decisions a court must make. For that reason, if you are seeking a guardianship, you must consider all the available options and follow the rules to the letter. 

The seriousness of the issue also means that the court will not likely rush into a decision. Put it all together and you need to confront the issue sooner rather than later. 

There are options and alternatives; guardianship is a last resort. It is our job to help you sort through it all and chart a course that best serves you and your loved one.



A traffic ticket and a missed court date; the need to change a child's name or a negative employment action. These are just some of the thousands of things that make you wonder if you need legal advice and representation. Sometimes you do and sometimes you don't. It may be something Steve can help yo with, it may not.

No journey ever gets completed without taking the first step. More than anything else, we are committed to solving your problems. That may mean we just need to point you in the right direction.

We cannot help if we do not know. So the first step is up to you. Pick up the phone at (254)826-6526), email us at or drop us a note using the website chat.